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My name is tracy
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Looking for friends to talk to

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Advice Needed (serious)
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Me and Someone special
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off to the cottage
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Good morning everyone, theres lot going on today, Steve and I are heading to the cottage tonight,

Let's Try Again...Need a Chuckle....?
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The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational once again invited readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding,

Need a Chuckle....?
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The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational once again invited readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding,

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

Cumming while Being Fucked
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Do you guys know about any more videos where the bottom cums hands-free while being fucked, like this one:

It's so fucking hot!

Thanks! :P

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Do you have a tumblr?

Here is mine:

Beware: it's addictive!

welcome back
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my first blog this week. after a disasterous week of fighting and bullying amoungst ourselves, things have settlled down and i wish we could evaluate our wants and needs here. for me, i love the porn. no i don't contribute, i don't go to any other site, nor do i understand how to upload pics. i have a tumblr and have tried to bring pics over, can't get it to work. my other reason is to interact with other guys that share a common thread with me. we are gay. we love men, boys, man sex and our weiners. and despite all that we have families, co-workers, roommates, lovers, bf's and issues in our lives that just make being gay a challenge. and then there is being single, lonely, depressed or unhealthy. or we all know there are teenage boys of all ages circulating this site that wonder what the heck life is like to be gay. we sure fail them on that account. i for one, just want to share life, my hurt, my family, my lover and my great passion for sex. i have no problem with age, 15, 23, 40 or 70, i can either learn from wisdom or share some of my own. i've seen a lot of life in the last 10 years. i don't have many friends on here. 7 or 8. maybe i talk too much in the blogs. maybe i am not good at reaching out to make friends. but from here on i [plan to try harder at showing appreciation to those that upload pics and vids and those that comment in the blogs. i love you guys, those i know and yes those i just read about or admire your contributions. have a great sunday.

ohio to recognize gay marriage?
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while not legal to marry in ohio, if you drive to kentucky, get married and drive home to columbus, the state of ohio would then recognize our being legally married. why must government keep screwing with our lives? i would just bend over if they asked me too.

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Just wanted to say hey - been a lurker and watcher for a long time now and finally decided to not keep losing some good videos, so I'm here to watch and lurk and favorite at the same time haha.

another needless blog
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Overheard at the kennel
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Okay guys...

What's your weird fetish?
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I see on here some people get turned on by people smoking a ciggarette, i really cannot see how that could make you horny

anybody into chase from chrisley knows best :)
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now this is one hot young man that i think is gay that is for sure even thou they portray him as straight lol would love to find pics of him :)

Need A Pen?
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The First Time You Had Sex
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Sex can be a magical moment in our lives.

For some, it may just be the need for that physical contact with another human being. You're horny and you want to get off. Masturbating doesn't feel all that appealing, so you seek out another person to share the experience with. Maybe it is someone you just met; maybe it is someone you have known for a long time. All that matters is being touched by hands other than your own. The feeling of having various parts of your body rubbed and massaged: your back, your chest, your legs...your raging boner (or as I like to call it, the "danger zone"). All you care about is feeling good...

For others, it may go beyond just the need for physical contact. It may be the need for an emotional connection... The need to fulfill that incredible desire to fall in love with someone. You don't want to just go out and have sex with every gay boy you meet; you want to find that special someone and spend the rest of your life with him. You want someone that you can lay down with in bed at night as you give him that special smile that you never give to anyone else. You want someone that you can make love to just for the sole purpose of expressing your undying love for him...

To put it simply: some people want to have sex just for the sole purpose of having sex while others prefer to make love to someone that they are deeply in love with.

Now, I want you to think back to the very first time you had sex.

Were you simply fulfilling the need for sex, or were you expressing your love for someone?

Was it someone you just met, or was it someone that you had known for a long time?

How old were you when it happened?

Where did it happen at? In a bedroom at home? The back seat of a car? In a boat, out on the lake, on a warm summer day? In a restroom at the mall? In front of a fireplace inside a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background?

How did you feel afterwards? Afraid? Sad? Embarrassed? Remorseful? Angry? Suicidal?

How did your partner feel afterwards? Did he spend the rest of the day/night with you or did he just get up and walk out?

Was your very first time an overall pleasant experience, or do you wish that you had waited? Was it a moment in your life that you would like to experience all over again?

You can read the story at

Read the story at

Egolessness is contentment.
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Discontentment is human, contentment is divine. Animals know neither contentment nor discontentment; they simply go on living mechanically, unconsciously. It is the great privilege of human being to be aware of discontent. To be aware of discontent means there is a possibility to grow towards contentment. But very few people make any effort towards inner growth. Their whole life is rooted in a misunderstanding. They think that if they have a bigger house or more money or more power or more prestige they will be contented; that if they become famous, if their name is known all over the world, then they will be contented. That is sheer nonsense.

Happy 1100 days to Jerrod/guynmuskogee
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luv u bro :)

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Meditation of the Week.
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Looking Into the Blue Sky.

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Who is also interested in Sado-Masochism and what is your fantasy which you want to become real?

So my ex (the cheater) started liking this guy and i found out lol. So I went and flirted with this new guy and now he has a crush on me and i think im gonna date him lol. How much of an asshole am I?? or is this all good??

a twin lost in time
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also i see fire kygo

im a twin gay and lonley my bro is straight married and i have a beautifull niece i dont want answeres life is as it is i live in nature feel the wind rain andl the sun on my skin so yep im lucky but get put down by others who i work for and its hard to pay the bills sometimes i wish to be free like the hawk and the wild geese and like the cloudds i see in the sky to get on a big two wheeler and ride out of this place all i have is a mountain bike with two flat tyres and you my gbt friends but you my friends mean a lot to me i will get out of this place i met imy friend charlie a lucky charm and free sprit met me in the garden and looked me straight in the eye in an instant i knew him and he me like i me and my bro years and years ago tc giles

White sadness.
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White snow sparkles on my hand


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